Commercial Real Estate

Purchases, Sales and Refinances
You are stepping up to the big leagues.  Get major league help.

Commercial leasing
You found the right spot.  Let us get you in the door.

Sales and Purchases of Businesses
You’ve got the goods or you want the goods.  We will deliver the rest.

Planning and Zoning Board Matters
Is your project stuck at the red light?  We can turn it green.

New Construction
Found the ground?  Get it approved.  Get it completed…….fast.

Condominium conversions
Turn your renters into buyers.  Get the most out of your property.  Ask us how.

Liquor License Transfer
Is the process driving you to drink?  We will give you sober advice.

Time is money in the commercial real estate business. At Kappock Law, we provide the same services as large law firms but with greater efficiency and economy. As a client, you have our undivided attention—and the benefit of our expertise in real estate law.

Our clients range from independent business owners to large, real estate developers. And they have one thing in common, They choose Kappock Law because we give them practical, value-added counsel to get the deal done.


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