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We are a full service, boutique real estate law firm dedicated to the practice of real estate and the needs of our clients.

Our attorney’s and paralegals’ extensive experience give you the added edge in guiding you through your real estate matters.  Because our team of professionals concentrates their energies on real estate, it allows for us to answer your questions promptly and resolve issues that you may be facing on your file.

Making the decision to use the Law Offices of Brian H. Kappock for your real estate transaction gives you the luxury of knowing that your real estate file will be handled with the utmost attention to detail.  Whether you are buying your first home or building a multi-million dollar property from the ground up, our firm has the experience to guide you through the entire process.


BRIAN H. KAPPOCK opened the firm seventeen years ago with a vision: breaking things down to work smarter.  Brian has worked tirelessly on putting the right team together to achieve his vision.  Brian has the ability to break things down for his clients in a way that allows for his clients to feel as though they are fully in charge of the process.  His patience and passion allow for his clients to know that they are top priority and that he will take the time necessary to ensure that his clients understand exactly where they stand, what needs to occur in order to get their deal closed, and what the big picture consists of.

Whether Brian is working with the first time home buyers or seasoned developers, he always keeps his eye on the prize of keeping his clients happy, well informed and out of the dark.  He excels in simplifying the process of real estate closings in order to ensure that his clients fully comprehend what has occurred throughout their transaction and what to expect once the transaction has been completed.

Brian did not always practice real estate law and has a strong interest in public service, which has been key in allowing him to approach the process from the other side of the spectrum, and has allowed him to perfect the communication and problem-solving skills necessary to reach the end goal of clarity and uniformity with his clients.

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