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Our firm has concentrated in real estate law from the first day we opened our practice. At Kappock Law, we are keenly aware of the ever-evolving changes in the Northern New Jersey real estate market and understand intimately the law affecting residential and commercial property owners in the areas we serve, including Hudson and Bergen Counties, their municipalities and their neighboring counties.

We focus on handling residential and commercial property transactions and other real estate-related legal concerns. The members of Kappock Law are local homeowners themselves; we fully comprehend the responsibilities of property ownership.




The real estate market in our area is constantly evolving, influenced by the current economic climate and changes in the law. Here’s some timely useful information from Kappock Law that you may find helpful.


  1. Plan to stay put—make sure you’ll be able to stay in your new home for at least 5-7 years.
  2. Find out of your credit is good enough to make a purchase. Most banks are looking for a score of 740 or higher right now. FHA loans need a score of 680.
  3. Get a professional to help you. Purchasing a home is very personal—a major step in life. Interview three or four real estate agents until you find your comfort level.
  4. Do your homework. Check the real estate comparables to find homes in your price range. Identify what’s most important to you in finding a new home. See what matches your wish list. Share that information with your real estate agent to save your time and
  5. Get a home inspection. First, you’ll find out if the structure requires repairs demanded by law. And, second, you’ll find out what may need to be changed in the near future (an aging roof or siding, expanding electrical needs) and whether you’ll want to make that additional investment.

This is the shorthand version of “home buyer tips.” If you’d like to learn more about the home buying process and its legal requirements, call us today at 201-659-5555 or go to www.kappocklaw.com.


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